Choose the best floor tiles for your bathroom.

You go in and out of your bathroom multiple times a day, so it only makes sense that you want it to look as presentable as possible. When it comes to your walls and floors, tile is the perfect choice for your bathroom floor. Aside from being waterproof and durable, it is also easy to clean and comes in various design options to give you creative flexibility. New tiles can give your space a clean and modern look, but it can be difficult to pick out the right design with so many options and variations to choose from. Whether you plan to refresh your bathroom floor tiles or install tiles in your newly constructed bathroom, here are some tips to help you find the best tiles for your bathroom.

Explore Different Tile Materials and Options

Tiles are made of different materials, so it would be best to explore your options. The most common bathroom floor tiles include:


Ceramic tile is a popular option for homeowners since it is easy to install and affordable. The standard tile design is a white and glossy, but you can also find options in other glazes and colors.


If you want something more durable than ceramic tiles, then porcelain tile is a great option. It might come with a higher cost, but it also offers other benefits like slip resistance, making it a great investment. Porcelain is harder to install on your own since it is harder to cut, so you will need to get help from a professional.


Gloss tiles are perfect for designing small bathrooms since they can reflect light and make the space look bigger. However, the downside is that smears can be very visible.

Natural Stone

A natural stone tile offers an organic and authentic look and come in a variety of materials like limestone, slate, marble, and granite. It provides an anti-skid surface to prevent people from slipping. Natural stone tiles are more expensive and require more maintenance.

Choose the Right Tile Size

Choosing the right tile size can make all the difference in your bathroom. Medium-sized to large tiles are most ideal for a small bathroom since they come with less grout lines and create less clutter, making the room look bigger. On the other hand, small tiles work best for surfaces you want to decorate, such as your vanity backsplash or shower ceiling.

Experiment with Grout and Tile Color Combinations

Nowadays, bathroom floor tiles come in various colors other than white. Of course, white will always be a great choice to achieve a fresh and clean look, but you can also explore other neutral colors. Gray, beige, cream, and tan can offer the same clean look but with an extra pop of color without overdoing it.

Coordinating your grout and tile colors can create various looks in your bathroom. The general rule is to match your grout color with your tile color if you want to make your bathroom look bigger. The blending of the colors helps create a more open and expansive space.

If you have more space to work with and want to create a visual pattern, you can contrast your grout and tile color. For example, a white tile and dark gray grout can create a beautiful modern brick pattern.

Create Drama with Tiles

Given the heavy foot traffic in your bathroom, you naturally want this space to look beautiful. To add visual appeal, consider creating drama by dressing up your tiles. For example, if your wall tile is on the simpler side, you can go for more decorative bathroom floor tiles to make them stand out. Check out different patterned floor tiles to see what will fit your aesthetic the best.

Transform Your Bathroom with the Right Floor Tiles

While you might be able to install some tiles on your own, working with professional tile installers is your best option to complete the project fast and with the best results. Some tiles also require more technical work, so it will ultimately be better to leave the work to a professional.

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